Install VirtualBox Guest Additions in Ubuntu 14.04 Alpha via package system

I’ve been recently running Ubuntu 14.04 Daily Build using VirtualBox. Everything has been working great so far. However, after some large system upgrade involving a new kernel and a bunch of the xorg libraries, the customary re-installation of the VirtualBox Guest Additions modules stopped working for me. After several attempts,... [Read More]

Upgrading Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop to the latest LTS enablement stack

The ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics card on my main desktop computer died recently after months and months of noisy overheated operation (not a gamer myself, the dust is the one to blame here). So I’ve recently upgraded the GPU and unfortunately, I also had to reinstall Ubuntu 12.04. After... [Read More]

Source code browsing using GNU ID and Emacs

Source code comprehension programs are amongst the most important tools that every software developer needs to master. Using these tools in an integrated way from the comfort of you favourite editor is important to minimise the context switches that kill the developer’s productivity (you know, “the zone…”). [Read More]